Soberana Cocina Peninsular

The Soberana Steakhouse Restaurant emerges as a proposal of high quality Mexican Steaks and Specialties at a fair price, in the center of the city of Mérida, specifically in the iconic Santa Lucia Park.
It is an initiative based on "Sovereignty", in the reflection of the search to understand what people want to eat and drink, the empathy of meeting the diner's feelings and knowing how to listen to what they demand.

We have our main dining room in the Casa Lucia Hotel building and a terrace bar in the Santa Lucia park, where you can enjoy all the cultural events that take place there, especially the traditional Yucatecan Serenata on Thursday nights .

In Soberana’s Menu our 7 Selected Steaks stand out, in which our famous Butter Sauce with Garlic&Mushrooms, better known as "Salsita de Mamá" (Mom’s Sauce), is the star that brings together in its flavor the essence of Feeling at Home.

At Soberana Steakhouse we give a special place to the most popular Mexican Steak in the country ... The Arrachera (Inside Skirt Steak).
Our Mexican Specialties focus on honoring Mexico so that our foreign visitors can enjoy a Taste with Tradition.

Reservations (999) 928-3106